Company Profile

济南汇鑫水处理设备有限公司成立于2012年座落于风光秀丽的泉城济南,2019年禹城分公司成立,新建生产车间占地40余亩;公司通过ISO9001体系认证,产品通过欧洲CE认证,通过国家涉水产品许可批件,是一家不锈钢制品、水处理设备及配件、耗材、空气净化设备、五金、消毒设备(不含医疗器械)、环保设备;水处理技术开发、转让;水处理设备的设计、维修、服务;反渗透设备、软化设备、EDI设备、超滤设备、纳滤设备、净水设备、环保设备、空气净化设备、消毒设备(不含医疗器械)、水处理滤芯、不锈钢过滤器的组装、生产于一体的制造商,公司业务遍布全球多个国家,产品远销世界各国,公司本着 业精于专、心精于诚 的经营理念,受到广大客户的一致好评!


Jinan Huixin water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, located in the beautiful spring city of Jinan. Yucheng branch was established in 2019, The new production workshop covers an area of more than 40 mu; The company has passed ISO9001 system certification, European CE certification and national approval for aquatic products. It is a company of stainless steel products, water treatment equipment and accessories, consumables, air purification equipment, hardware, disinfection equipment (excluding medical devices) and environmental protection equipment; Development and transfer of water treatment technology; design, maintenance and service of water treatment equipment; IT is a manufacturer integrating the assembly and production of reverse osmosis equipment, softening equipment, EDI equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, nanofiltration equipment, water purification equipment, environmental protection equipment, air purification equipment, disinfection equipment (excluding medical devices), water treatment filter element and stainless steel filter. The company's business covers many countries all over the world, and its products are exported to all countries all over the world. Based on its xation alism the business philosophy of heart and sincerity has been highly praised by the majority of customers!